„Agotos“ 45% seedy bread 350g

  • 45% seeds
  • Higher in fibre
  • Less sugar

If you are searching for a bread that possesses delectable notes of nutty goodness, look no further than Agotos Seeded Bread. With sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon, flax and caraway seeds making up 45% of this scrumptious bake, every mouthful is one to be savoured. It pairs well alongside soup, cheese or even meat as the rich nutty flavour and moist texture automatically enhance any eating experience.


Water, sunflower seeds (15,4%) (EU), RYE flour, WHEAT flour, pumpkin seeds (10,3%) (not EU), watermelon seeds (10,3%) (not EU), linseeds (9,0%) (EU and not EU), sugar, whole grain RYE flour, yeast, WHEAT GLUTEN, iodized salt, WHEAT fiber, caraway seeds, RYE malt, flour treatment agent ascorbic acid.

Nutritional value (100 g/ml)
Energy 1579 kJ/ 379 kcal
Fat 23,00 g
Saturated fatty acids 3,30 g
Carbohydrates 25,00 g
Sugars 4,50 g
Dietary fiber 7,30 g
Proteins 14,00 g
Salt 0,89 g
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