High-quality products are our priority

We are continuously improving our work processes, updating our safety and quality management systems, and implementing innovative ideas. We prioritise a stable product quality, safety and a culture of hygiene.

We control the quality every step of the way, from sourcing the raw materials to delivering products to our customers.

Vilniaus duona quality management is based on a food safety management system implemented in bakeries following the requirements of The Global Food Safety Standard (BRCGS), Version 8. Independent foreign auditors assess the compliance of our bakeries with the standard.

In 2021, both Vilnius duona bakeries were awarded the highest level (AA) rating.

The BRCGS rating is a guarantee that a manufacturer takes great care in selecting the raw materials, ensuring a smoothly functioning product supply line, and maintaining a competent and continuously developing team. These are fundamental factors for our potential partners. The BRCGS food safety standard is considered to be one of the most stringent in the world, with a certification process based on third-party audits. Certification is granted only to producers who can ensure the continued quality and safety of their products.

Your opinion is important to us

We want to make sure you always have fresh, high-quality bread on your table. Your opinion is important to us. We look forward to hearing from you on our toll-free phone number: +370 800 20004 or by email: kokybe@vduona.lt